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Hi! I’m Laure, and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! As you browse through the gallery pages I hope you’ll begin to see that watercolors, and most especially, color, are my passion! Vibrant color can be found in almost any subject and its shadows - it is my joy to bring those colors to life on paper with paint and a little water. I hope you’ll find something within these pages to bring a smile, a happy feeling, a giggle or some other feeling of well-being as you view my art.

For the most part, I’m self taught with some wonderful workshops thrown in along the way. I’ve played in a number of mediums and enjoyed each. When it came to watercolors, well, let’s just say it was a challenge! And that challenge that kept me coming back until I was totally intrigued and completely enchanted with watercolors. You may occasionally see  touches of acrylics or watercolor pencil, but for the most part, the paintings will be transparent watercolor with no use of white paint. For many years I made my living as a graphic designer, so you will mostly likely see a strong graphic element in my work.

A recent addition to my artistic life is teaching online classes! Please visit Imaginary Trips to learn more about this wonderful little venture! I play hostess/instructor as we visit exotic locales––VIRTUALLY! Our first “trip” was to Paris, then Autumn! Next year (2010) we’re going to Paris again as well as the beach and to London! Together, we learn new artistic skills, improve existing ones, and make new friends! You can visit the link at the top of the page called “Classes” or just click the link above.

Over on the right you’ll find a few photos of my old studio––it is currently undergoing a transformation! I can hardly wait for the work to be finished!! I’m getting fun new wall colors, new lights, and a new floor as well as a much needed cleaning and reorganization. As soon as it’s complete (hopefully by the end of December 2009) I’ll be adding some new images! Please check back!

Anyway, back to the studio––this is where all of my creative work is done. While I sketch on location, all of my larger pieces are completed in the studio. The studio also serves as my production studio for  filming class videos. It’s a busy place! I have a big old comfy chair for noodling, journaling and contemplating life. My bookcase holds just about everything from knowledge to an antique xylophone, and the fireplace is just an overgrown heater because my studio is the coldest room in the house! Of course, it does add a certain special ambience as well!

Under the studio photos are the supervisors’ photos. These are the guys (and gal) that keep me in line and my nose to the art table. They’re also great stress relief (for when a painting is not going well) and occasionally, they’re the reason a painting isn’t going so well! Their job is to provide comic relief around here! Over on the far right, you’ll find the outside crew. All of the ladies would love to be inside and have cats for snacks between meals, but the cats were here first (and wouldn’t appreciate being snacks)!

        Laure Ferlita


Mr. Tucker

Ms. Booger

My Studio

The Art Table  

My Studio Supervisors

Mr.  Joey

Bookcase of Knowledge

Studio Fireplace (because my studio    is the coldest room    in the house!)

Ms. Specky

Ms. Andi

The Outside Crew

Ms. Susie

. . . a room of one’s own.                                                                                     
                                                                                              - Virginia Wolff

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